Creating Collective Access
Practicing Crip Solidarity and Love

Connect with CCA at the 2012 AMC!

Are you going to the 2012 Allied Media Conference? Are you disabled/chronically ill? Let us know!

Please email the following form, any questions, and/or any other info you’d like us to know to 🙂




pronoun preference:

who’s traveling with you?

what access needs do y’all have?

what resources/skills can you share?

what would make this conference better for you and/or other folks with disabilities and chronic illness?

are you interested in volunteering with creating collective access?

have you already registered through the allied media conference website?

are you staying in the dorms (most folks involved with cca choose to stay in the dorms)? have you registered for housing yet? would you like to be hooked up with potential roommates?

Creating Collective Access is a cosmic practice space happening all over the AMC, with the goal of making the conference more accessible and awesome for folks with disabilities and chronic illnesses. We are practicing the kind of community access, support, and love we know is possible, building fierce community and support by and for disabled and chronically ill folks! We are building on past work at the AMC to create a sustainable model for crip-led, community-supported access. By building relationships, care, crip/disabled solidarity and solidarity with allies we are empowering those who have been traditionally marginalized, especially queer and trans* people, women, and gender non-conforming disabled/chronically ill people of color. We are resisting the individualization of access in movements and envisioning new ways of building community and being in movement spaces.

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